The Agony Of Da-FEET.

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Yeah that's right, for those of you who read the title of this post: I went there. My brain's too overloaded right now to come up w/something that's NOT a cliche. Anyway:

I love San Marcos. I was born there, and I go to school there, and if I had it my way D and I would be moving there tomorrow. I love everything about it - the university, the river, the people, unicycle football, the "Just For Fun" parade (which, bring it back!), Ralph the Swimming Pig (who bit my sister when she was little, BTW), drive-through alcoholic beverages, all of it. I love that you can go to class in a swimsuit and then wander over to the river without walking more than a quarter of a mile. And yes, I'm all for the hippies, which I realized around the age of three, when I was in the Just For Fun parade with my Montessori school and the lady walking with the float behind us was dressed as the Statue of Liberty, her costume completed by her "torch," which was actually a glass of very red wine. Someone else carried the bottle for her. San Marcos kicks so much ass.

However. I get that it's super fun to go to the river before class, and maybe not to shower for a while, and that you're going to the river again after class because your life is more fun than mine, but you absolutely have to leave your shoes on while you're in class. Especially if you're sitting three chairs away from me. I will die and it will be your fault, and I get that you might not mind if that happens but I do. Seriously, who does that? Who finds it appropriate to remove his shoes in the middle of a class, thus allowing the lovely and unmistakable aroma of FOOT to waft around the classroom for your classmates to enjoy? Some people eat in that class! Not me, and definitely not after Foot Guy graced us with his smelly-footed presence for two days in a row (thankfully, he was absent today and we're not meeting tomorrow, but I hope he goes there anyway because HA HA!), but the class starts at noon so a few people bring their lunches. Foodies are always saying how scented candles ruin a meal, I can't imagine how they'd feel if they were eating their pasta salad and suddenly smelled FOOT. Fracking nasty, y'all.