Why Your License Plate Says "Jack Ass"

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If you've known me for a while, then you are probably aware that I used to be MUCH more confrontational and much more likely to fly off the handle at any given second with so much as one misstep from another person. Friend, family member, total stranger, it doesn't matter. Through a huge amount of work, I now either let it go or scream silently in my head and then blog about you later on when you annoy me. It takes a lot to push me to the point of hating you in the first twenty seconds that I've known you, is my point.

Enter yesterday's trip to the pharmacy. D and I were on our way home from work and school, respectively, and stopped to pick up a prescription at our Walgreens, which has a two-lane drive through. Now, I don't know if you've heard this before, I've probably blogged about it but I'm waaaay too lazy to go back and find it among the rest of the blather that I've inundated the interwebz with in the last year, but I have the freaking worst luck with lines. If you ever see me standing in a line, don't get behind me. The guy in front of me will inevitably have 6,000 questions, pay in pennies, or confuse the person working there. It never doesn't happen. So when we got to the drive through and there was one car in each lane, D kind of hung back, obviously in line but waiting so that when one of the cars got done he could get into that lane. HOWEVER, some people TOTALLY SUCK and this D-BAG comes driving the wrong way, very clearly sees that we're waiting in line, turns his car around and pulls in front of us behind the car in the outside lane. And if you already know how much I hate line cutters then you probably know what happened next.

I nearly hit the roof. I started screaming at the guy but my window was rolled up, and since I was getting "a little worked up" D just pulled the car into the other lane, hoping the "out of sight, out of mind" approach would work. But no, I was pretty livid. I threatened to throw my iced tea at the guy's car but D reminded me that I would want that eventually, so I didn't. But still - for the second day in a row I will ask you - WHO FREAKING DOES THAT?! That's some crazy-person behavior right there. Clearly, whatever he was doing was more important than obeying the long-established social and cultural norm of waiting in a friggin' line. And then the guy in the other line ended up taking for-freakin-ever because the tech had to update his insurance, so the line jumping d-bag was gone before we even got to the window in the other line, as is the custom. So, of course, I snapped a pic before D calmed me down. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you- Line Jumping D-Bag:

I may or may not have added the vanity plate. Ok I did. But only b/c it's true!