I Find You Unacceptable.

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You've got to be freakin kidding me. Is this a real thing? You're actually going to buy a piece of plastic to put in your hair to make yourself look like a Conehead. Rad. I've never understood the "hair bump" thing; aside from making you look like you just stepped out of an SNL sketch, you also look like you may have left a curler in there somewhere and just kind of said "Meh, go with it." and pulled the rest of your hair over the curler and pinned it up anyway. So anyway - in case you can't find the cardboard tube from an empty roll of toilet paper or a giant highlighter or something else creative (and free) to stick under your stupid looking hair bump, you can purchase this little treasure to make your hair look like a small volcano.


Autumn said...

THANK YOU! I totally agree! Every girl I work with backcombs their hair and hairsprays it to death to make it all big like that, and I HATE IT!

sassafrasjunction said...

Somewhere, Sarah Palin is doing this to her hair RIGHT NOW.

lustyreader said...

I thought this infomercial was an SNL skit the first time I saw it, like Mom Jeans, or the Pepsi/McGruder commercials. Here's what I want to know, what if you are crazy enough to think that thing makes your hair look good, you wear it out, then go home with your boyfriend/date...what happens to it when you're hooking up!???! How much would scare the guy you're with to find that in your hair!?