How I Almost Killed A Guy

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Ok so I didn't almost kill somebody, but I did come very close to a potential bar fight tonight at trivia. All my "I almost did something horrible" stories start with "I was at trivia last night...."

Anyway, I was at trivia last night, and it was weird. Usually trivia is on Wednesday but tonight it was Thursday because apparently the Tavern had other plans on Wednesday. Half the regulars didn't get the memo so apparently Wednesday night a bunch of people had shown up and I guess nobody told them to come back on Thursday because the bar was barely half full. Maybe six teams, tops. Plus Duffy's grader didn't show so Mark graciously filled in (when I say "graciously" I actually mean "was bribed with free beer"). Also apparently Mark sometimes reads my blog (he called me a "real blogger", ha ha awesome) HI MARK! Uhm, anyway. Dale wasn't feeling well, Mary has a life outside of trivia (WHO KNEW?!), and Ben was doing whatever so at the table it was just me, Eng, and Camden, making his triumphant return to trivia after battling the Eevil Mono.

So I went and turned in an answer sheet and it happened. It was almost like a dance, the motions lined up so perfectly. I was about five feet from our table and the guy sitting caddy-cornered to us was walking back to his chair also. Apparently he was talking to his buddy and paying even less attention than I was because he pulled out his chair while in mid-sentence and went to sit in it, but he'd pushed it just a few inches too far and right into my path. I kind of saw all of this happening but was a little too slow to fix any of it. The chair entered my path and I accidentally (it was an accident, I SWEAR!!) kicked it a little, and when he went to sit in it...yeah. He didn't crash all the way to the floor, he kind of did this Superman style laid-out flop into the chair as he realized he was way too far away to sit in it normally. You know those moments when you kind of want to die? That was me. Of course I instantly apologized profusely and repeatedly and the guy was completely nice about it. I mean, I might talk a lot of crap at trivia but unless you're this guy I would never purposely inflict bodily harm on anybody! Thursday trivia throws off my whole groove.


sassafrasjunction said...

Bless your heart.

I got drunk once and clocked my best friend in the face. But I don't think it was on purpose. I was aiming for her husband.

A Beautiful Mind said...

Oh,Mere... I love that your willing to re-live this on your blog. Thanks for the morning giggle <3

Camden said...

Another example of how you are a "real blogger" is how you linked to your other post with "this guy." Mark's really going to like that.

Mere said...

Yeah, I did that. And I told the world you got mono from a hipster. Oh wait. Now I did.