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Back from vacation! Already I kind of miss it and want to get back on the boat. Well, partly because I miss it and partly because apparently my body thinks I'm somewhere on the high seas - seriously, I can still feel the boat rock. BUT we had a great time and of course, I came back fully armed with tons of stories and reasons to hate people. Like you had any doubt! Give me a couple of days and I'm sure they'll be up here.

So yeah, per the agreement I made with the dog before we left, I did not jump off the boat but that doesn't mean I didn't contemplate tossing a few other people over the side, and the boat was full of some super classy OU fans who looked awesomely dejected in their Sooners shirts after their boys lost the championship game. I LOL'd as I passed a bunch of them playing roulette in the casino after the game, just tossing all their chips on red and watching the dealer stock up on whatever they were throwing out there. Because we all know: Why doesn't Texas float off into the Gulf of Mexico? Because Oklahoma sucks.