I am Lord Destructo!

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The only sad thing about leaving the country for a week is leaving our little pug Rygel at home. For those of you who don't know, we've had Ryg for over a year now and he's pretty much our baby. He's going to be in great hands, one of D's coworkers agreed to watch him while we're gone and she's really great and loves dogs and all that so I'm not worried or anything, I'm just sad that I won't have him for almost a week! Sad face. But this means that not only do Dale and I have to pack for ourselves, we also have to pack for our little guy!

Umm...this is embarrassing. I have gathered up all of his toys to find some that he can take with him and...yeah, pretty much everything is at least partially destroyed. In the bag to go to the pug-sitters with him is Woolly Bully, this toy that used to have a red face with floppy ears, and when you drop it on the floor it shakes and rolls and sings that "Woolly Bully" song. Unfortunately, our little guy has skinned it, so now it's just an egg made out of plastic with a bunch of holes in it that shakes and rolls and sings that "Woolly Bully" song. And there's a stuffed purple platypus that we got him the day he came to live with us (back when he weighed 4 pounds!) but he's ripped all the stuffing out of it. It is now known as his "flat-ypus" instead. Pretty much every toy he's ever had except for his squeaky barbell has been torn to shreds by Rygel, Lord Destructo, King of Killing Toys. And also shoes. Usually only my high heels.


Here he is, hard at work on Little Bear (which we still have, although he's been completely de-fluffed) on the day we got him


Amber said...

He is adorable!!! I want to squeeze him. ☺