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So lately I don't know if I've been, like, really impatient or just very eager to get to the next webpage but I've been doing a lot of delayed double-clicking. Like, I'll click on a link, and then my computer doesn't immediately send me to the next webpage and nothing happens for a second, so I'll click on it again. No problem, EXCEPT those ad people have gotten tricky and it turns out that one click is enough (you'd think I'd get that by now...) and the second click just clicks on whatever is in that spot on the next website. Which, more often than not, is a FREAKING BANNER or some other ad. And by the time the next website comes up I already know what I've done and all I can do is sit there and think "DAMMIT." because now I'm gonna have to sit here while the banner pops up and tells me to click the pink iPhone or whatever and I'll have to close it and then go about my day. Yes, I know that it's only 15 seconds but still - Dammit.

Sneaky ad people.