Text Messages Out Of Context

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Here are some interesting/odd/funny text messages that are in my inbox or outbox these days. Can you tell I'm extremely excited to have something to do today? :-P Come ON, Hurricane Ike! Give me something to talk about! Jeez! Anyway, these are from several sources: Amy, Ben, Andrew, Michelle, Katie, Kate, and of course myself. And maybe some others tossed there too. Anyway. This is why I have unlimited texts.

"Is it a Swingline?"

"I love the big balls! Ga-bounce!"

"Free pjs and thongs all around, aye?"

"Well keep me posted. I'll just be here, crunching up this old shot glass."

"Ah! Allergic to formulaic fun!"

"Zotis and Bones"

"I had a friend tell me she was on Team Karen last night and I practically yelled at her: THEY STILL MAKE YOU?! Team Pam!"

"Happy birthday from Smuckers!"

"Katie is super drunk but so is mark"

"::cut to a picture of a cat eating spaghetti::"

"LOL no, Bazooka, we're eating it there like people who aren't ashamed of their Chili's addiction."

"OMG I figured it out! Republicans are doing a big Punked on the US!"

"Serious Poodler."

"Ewwww like homeless pot dealer smelly?"

"Did you hear that thing in swiss land is going to eat the world?"

"I was just thinking 'Ug birth control is $50?!' Then kid behind me randomly screams at the top of his lungs. Uh, yeah WORTH IT!"

"Um note to self do NOT shake a Starbucks double shot in a can. Contents under pressure."