Hygeine FAIL

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Ugh, college. So I get that a lot of people like to be "free spirits" and do their own thing or whatever but here's the thing: there are some people who are just downright, inappropriately smelly. It's disgusting! Some girl in my stats class actually gave me a headache today even though we were sitting a good six feet away from each other but since she smelled so HORRIBLE of B.O. I actually got a headache. What?! I respect your right to not take a shower, but you have to respect my right to be able to sit in a classroom without being made physically ill from your horrid stink. Don't want to shower? Fine, wear deodorant or splash on some spray, lotion, or essential oils. It is possible to be an appropriate amount of un-smelly without showering regularly, ask the Europeans. Don't want to wear a chemical? Jump in the damn river. Seriously - it's repulsive. I've smelled people all over the world and you, my darling dear, have absolutely set a record for the single stinkiest stinker I've ever encountered. If I vomit in class I'm gonna blame you. Loudly.

Also to the smelly guy in my history class: chew some gum, splash on some cologne, or consider not smoking/dipping immediately before class. Oh and/or invest in toothpaste. OH and maybe try breathing through your nose. Kthx.