Potential Epic Fail Alert...

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You know how you get those e-mails or invites to Facebook groups that are this random desperate friend all "I lost/ruined/obliterated my cell phone and now I don't have any of your numbers! HALP!"? K well prepare to get yours from me. That is correct, suckas, as of about 11:00 this evening the combined FAIL efforts of Callison & Callison produced a Diet Coke puddle at the bottom of my purse. My iPod, camera, and wallet were all spared, though I am sad to report that my cell phone is currently on life support. No word on if it will revive itself, and if it doesn't I seem to really suck at programming numbers into my SIM card so yes, prepare yourself for the "I LOST ALL YOUR PHONE NUMBERS!" e-mail. Because if your number wasn't saved to my SIM card, I sure as hell can't call you.

If the cell phone survives the Diet Coke flood, the incident will be deemed an epic win and the 25th of June will forever go down in history as that one day when Dale and I both effed up at the same thing but none of our expensive electronics stopped working forever. However, in the event that the phone does not survive but the SIM card does, the incident will be downgraded to a fail. I realize that the camera, wallet, and iPod survived but we never leave a man behind. The incident will be downgraded to an Epic Fail if the phone does not survive and the SIM card is empty, or even mostly empty.

Please stay tuned to www.meredithcallison.blogspot.com for further details regarding this sensitive matter. This is not a test. Also trivia is tomorrow, it's gonna be epic, don't miss it! And then join the "Trivia Team of Awesome" group on Facebook. I repeat, this is not a test.