Pack your knives and GO.

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I pretty much couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning. I've been doing a lot of sleeping lately (no Kate, there's no baby) I think it's just processing a lot of what's going on in my life, etc. So I decided to take another mental health day today. Yeah that's two in just as many weeks but I'm pulling thirteen hour days from when I leave the house until when I walk back through the door and then on top of that I've got homework and the weekends are pretty jam-packed also so sleep and rest are hard to come by these days. Anyway, this morning I got up around 11:30 (hate me if you want to) and decided that I was going to make breakfast. We've had a pack of bacon in the fridge that's about to expire so I wanted to cook it and make coffee and I figured I'd cook some eggs while I was at it. RIGHT. So I've never been a master chef but I'm not a lousy cook either! Except for this morning.

I put the bacon on, started the coffee, and got out a pot for the eggs. As I'm filling the pot with water, I notice huge amounts of steam? smoke? coming out of the coffee pot. YEP. I filled the carafe and just set it back on the warmer. OOPS. No biggie, I poured the water in the reservoir and wunderbar. Slightly steamy coffee. In the meantime the bacon is still not getting hot. Apparently, one of our back burners isn't working. THANKS, Silverado. So we're essentially down to two burners because the back one doesn't work right now and one of the front ones has this weird white flaky nonsense stuck to it that looks like it makes the burner unuseable. I sure don't want to try to turn it on and then have whatever it is burn off and smell horrible and maybe kill me. It was ok though because I only needed two burners. So the bacon gets going and at some point I distract myself with coffee and when I turn back the bacon is like BLACK and about to be on fire. EEEEKKKKK!!!! Panic! Panic! Yeah, y'all, I made pretty much the equivalent to, idk, black burned toasty bacon. It was so bad that even Rygel kind of went "...?" when I offered it to him later. But my eggs (and subsequent batches of bacon) turned out ok. And now my house smells like breakfast meat. Nom.

And I wanted to call someone and tell them what I'd done but I just couldn't get past the responses I would probably get.

Dale: Rygel wouldn't eat it?! AHHH HA HA HA HA!!!
Eng: Was it worse than the time you FRIED SPAM and then wouldn't eat it?
Kate: Name it Kate. (NOT pregnant, Kate!)
Mom: ::FREAK OUT:: And then would buy me cooking classes and extra smoke detectors and a book about why it's bad to throw water on a grease fire.
Dad (the best breakfast chef in the world, btw): You're adopted.

Also, for a funny, here's a pic I found on failblog ( this morning. Interestingly, it appears to have come from Liberty Hill's community newspaper - AWESOME. Just read the caption under the photo more carefully than the editor did. Yay.