Awesome TV Alert!

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One of my favorite things, ever in the whole world? Stephen Baldwin in a SciFi Channel original movie. So awesomely, amazingly bad that it spins around the Circle of Awesome so much that the circle gets dizzy. I watched ten minutes of Stan Lee's Harpies and was so giddy about the delightful horribleness that I was almost dizzy. Anyway, SUNDAY! JUNE 29! 8:00PM ON THE SCIFI CHANNEL!! Stephen Baldwin in...EARTHSTORM!!!!!! Yessssss! And I'm pretty sure he has the line "Let's lock and load." EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! So cancel your plans, set your TiVo, and take a shot every time it makes you want to clap your hands because it's so bad it's AWESOME.

Edited to add: I checked it out in IMDB. Someone actually says "Avoid this movie unless you want to laugh at how awesome it is." I don't know if you noticed but I CAN'T WAIT!! EEEEEKKKK!!

PS I think my phone survived. Epic win!


Dan said...

Steven Baldwin? Ya gotta be kidding me!


Mere said...

Dude, Steven Baldwin = Most awesomely bad Baldwin.