Awesomeness Incarnate.

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It was bound to happen eventually, it just so happens that it went down on Katie's 25th birthday/last night of trivia before she leaves us for Dallas. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, this week's epic trivia battle culminated in US (team name: "Spoiler Alert: Indiana Jones Dies.") taking home the gigantic trivia trophy-on-a-skateboard. Shweet!!

I happened to forget Katie's bday presents at home (although you will notice that I provided spectacular Pirate party hats along with plastic leis and other goodies, not pictured) and so I figure that contributing to the team victory and letting her take home the trophy of her dreams was at least enough to gain forgiveness for forgetting to bring her present. And now the trophy is in the back seat of my car, clucking. Not so awesome, actually.
Anyway - Katie, I'll miss you more than I can say, we'll hold down the fort at Burnet & 183 while you show Dallas the meaning of the phrase "I OWN YOU, BEEYOCH". I'll pour a few drops of my beer on the floor every week for you. :-(
Also, I'm out of dog treats. Rygel = not a happy Pug this week.