Here's Your Sign.

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You might know that I've had big changes in my life lately. Thanks to all that have sent your love and support. I'm just not ready to openly process what's gone on yet (at least not here on my blog), I'll be happy to talk in person or via e-mail or whatever if you want but it still feels too personal to put here on blogger. Instead, here's something I scratched down in my notebook last Friday. Please to enjoy.

So I drove to school today and because Texas State is apparently so underfunded that they can’t supply enough fuel to have more than one bus on each route in the summer (y’all suck) I parked in the LBJ garage in the interest of saving time and not having to sit/stand with The Herd in order to get to class. So I go about my day and return to the parking garage and at the pay booth, stuck to the window is a little name card for the employee. Something along the lines of “Hi, my name is Susie, How may I help you?” Exsqueeze me? How may you help me? I was under the impression that the pay booth at the parking garage only handles one thing. My car’s in there. I want it out here. I give you my money, you give me my ticket, commerce saves the day and I go home. It’s your ONE JOB and is, to my knowledge, the only way that you can help me. Unless you’re selling hot dogs out of that thing, in which case, we’ll talk. I mean it! If there’s a secret operation working out of the little booth then I don’t know about it, and therefore I cannot tell you how to help me. So it may be picky (I never said you had to like my blog, I just said you have to read my blog) but SIGN FAIL. And also KNOWING HOW TO DO YOUR JOB FAIL if I actually need to tell you how you can help me. Also, I hate you.