Look Away, Dixie Land...

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Sooo I finally became an expert at something other than TV and "yes that hat makes your head look dumb". It's official: I know way more than any one person ever needed to know about the Civil War. It's a little bit ridiculous, actually - there are all these random nuggets of information that seem to have dislodged from the whole and they keep popping into my head at any given moment. Anyway, yes, I took my final for the mini session today, after three VERY solid days of studying. Not sure how I did because he kind of caught everyone off guard with some of the questions but pretty much right now I am The Complete Civil War Encyclopedia: Callison Edition. And oh, is it the most random information. Percentage of Civil War deaths bayonet-related? 2. Name of Ulysses S. Grant's horse? Cincinnati. Name of the guy who invented the "land torpedo" that would evolve into the modern land mine? Peter Gabriel. Yep. I'm pretty sure that in my notes I even wrote "I (heart) Lloyd Dobler".

Ugh. I wrote for three solid hours on that stuff, and I know it must be getting to me because I actually got ANGRY when I was writing about Jefferson Davis replacing Joseph E. Johnston with John Bell Hood to face WT Sherman before the battle of Atlanta. What? Exactly. Don't worry about it. But for the next 72 hours or so, if you need to know anything about the Civil War...I'm your girl.