Laundry List Of Bitchery

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Here's my laundry list of crap I'm complaining about today. Sorry if you think you're not my therapist and don't have to listen to me whine. Here we go!

1) It's 7:53 and I'm already on campus for my 9:00 am. What's wrong with this picture? Well the bus from Austin to San Marcos leaves Waterloo Park at 6:49, which means I have to leave the house by 6:00, and I have to wake up at 5:00. FOR A 9:00 AM CLASS. What's dumber is that starting next week when "real" summer school starts my first class starts at 10:00, but the bus schedule is the same. As in, I will leave the house at 6:00 am for a 10:00 class. What the crap am I going to do on campus for two and a half hours before class? I'm more than open to your suggestions.

2) I'm SUNBURNED. Yep, apparently Eastern European cancels out Hawaiian and Welsh/Irish holds the trump card because regardless of the several days I have now spent lounging by the pool pretending to ignore global warming I spent most of yesterday either on a boat or getting dragged behind one and now? SUNBURN. And ouch. Living my whole life in Texas, I've obviously gotten too much sun before, but I've never been uncomfortably burned for more than a few hours. My legs got the worst of it, I think, I had to wear shorts today because there's no way I'd be able to stand jeans and yeah it's painful and also colorful! Whatever.

3) I'm also apparently old. I'm sitting here in the Student Center and they've got MTV-U (a special MTV channel accessable to universities, apparently) on all the TVs and BLECH, wtf is this "music"? I don't mind hip hop or whatev but there's, like, some REAL bad rap going on right about now. It's kind of making me want to punch the TV.

4) Where I am in the Student Center there are sets of kind of loungey chairs that face each other and there's all these open ones (like, literally every one except the one I'm sitting in) and Some Guy came and plopped down directly in front of me. He doesn't even have a newspaper or book or anything, he's just there...looking around. I feel obligated to say hi but I'm not gonna. And I could move somewhere else but I like stealing the school's free wireless. So I'm gonna ride this standoff out. Very busy on my computer, can't look up and start a conversation...yes.

5) Three days of class left (that's NINE HOURS) and then the final and we've still got a big ol' chunk of the war to cover. Not sure if you knew but the Civil War? Huge! Also I have to read another, IDK, 300 pages before Friday. I know it's my choice but I have little control of exactly how much material (or lack thereof) is covered on any given class day. I'm just saying...TOPIC.

6) While yesterday Central Texas was apparently a high powered tanning bed, today is overcast and will probably rain, and I forgot my phone. Meaning I can't call Dale to come pick me up from the bus stop, meaning I'll probably end up walking 15 blocks getting soaked with my laptop in my flimsy Nike backpack. Awesome.

Ok I think that's all for now. On the bright side tomorrow night is Katie's Big Giant 25th Birthday And Trivia Extravaganza at Pluckers!! I'm too broke to buy her a present so I'll go out of my way to win the trivia trophy and then I'll just tie a bow on it. Skizzy!


lamylove said...

i finally posted a real blog! yay beach next week! love you!

ps it really sucks you have to wake up so early only to have nothing to do. make a friend in sm who will let you nap in their dorm or somethng

lamylove said...

ps is there a way for us to be friends on here or something?