MOVIE SMACKDOWN! Iron Man vs. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls

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Umm well Iron Man automatically gets points for not making me type out a 6000 word title.

I'm not gonna lie, I was not excited about watching Iron Man. Dale and I decided to spend, like, an entire day at the Drafthouse yesterday, though, and I figured as long as I was getting to see the much-anticipated Indiana Jones(!!!) then I could suffer through 2 hours of Ozzy Robert Downey, Jr. And actually, it was a little bit awesome. Ok, maybe a lot awesome. Freakin fine, the only things horribly wrong with it were the ending ("You caught me monologuing!") and that we got there late and had to sit in the very front row. And also, when did Jeff Bridges get old?

Anyway - to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Dale was so damn smug

And thennnn...Indiana Jones. Here's the thing: I was in kindergarten when "The Last Crusade" came out. I grew up on Indy. Those movies have hovered near the top of my favorites list my entire life. And while I get that it's 20 years later and that Harrison Ford is old (though apparently not Jeff Bridges old) and that these movies have always been "for fun" first, I gotta say...for 20 years they put off making a new film because the story had to be BETTER than the last three, and this is what they came up with? Ok, I'm good, I got it out. I feel much better now. Shake it off.

Other than the WTF story line, Indy rocked it old school. It was the most fun movie I've seen in a while, and it was nice to watch an action movie that did indeed have plenty of action, but didn't blatantly rely on blowing lots and lots of things up to get attention and to make teenage guys think it's "rad". (I'm looking at you, Ratner!) And it was awesome to see Karen Allen again, looking gorgeous as ever!

So, the verdict? Iron Man is awesome x3, but let's face it: Indiana Jones is freakin INDIANA JONES and just flat-out rules. Even though, IDK, Iron Man may have been a executed a wee bit better. It's still freakin Indiana Jones, and that flavor of awesome has a little bit of a cracklike quality to it, after your first hit it doesn't matter how many cool special effects or how much snappy dialogue some other movie throws at you, you just want your Indy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Smackdown winner? Indy.