Don't Take My Baby Or My 13 Ugly Wives Will Kick Your Ass!

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...pretty sweet trivia team name, even if it's a million words long. I am super pleased to announce that said trivia team put forth a SPECTACULAR and VALIANT effort against the evil foes at the finals of Pluckers trivia on Wednesday night. Although we did not win the gigantic beer mug trophy we put up a pretty epic fight, and if not for some unfortunate faltering (Part of which was totally me. Well, me and frickin Michael Collins. Be more famous, Mikey!) the coveted trophy would be resting safely in Katie's living room.

Good thing about trivia is there's always next week. Well, until we're permanently disbanded by either law or the painful separation of grad school. Uhm, anyway.

Team Picture!

Clockwise from bottom left: Claire, Mary, Dale "Ooh La La" Callison, Me, Andrew "Shotgun Willie" Jennings, James, Amanda, Katie, and Word Problem Mark.

Clutch Performer awards for the night go to James for correctly identifying "The Last Starfighter" and Amanda for not having TV but knowing the theme song from "Pee Wee's Playhouse" based on the first, like, 10 seconds.

Open invite for cool people to join us next week, or any week. And next week I have no 8:00 class to screw me up on Thursday morning so I will be downing the Mother Pluckers of Shiner just like everybody else.