Good To Know

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If I didn't learn a single thing this semester (which, my classes were pretty hardcore, so I definitely did, this is just a hypothetical "if") I most certainly picked something up today that I am sure to use again.

If you want a new pen or just don't like the one that you have, a surefire way to get a free one is to loudly yell out "CRAP! Are you kidding me?" and violently shake your old one like it's broken, three minutes before your final starts. BAM! Free pen for you, good karma for the donor, everybody's happy. I was just amazed at how easy it was - I mean, I didn't even ask. I just looked confused and shook my pen a whole lot and a girl turned around and handed me a new one. Magic! And the really oddball thing is that I don't even think she was in my class, I'm pretty sure she was in the prof's other class and had a conflict with her final. But I like to think of her as the test fairy. Fluttering around, landing in random classrooms and handing out supplies to students who didn't think to test theirs before they came to their final. Test fairy = awesome.

I'm going to have to remember that and try it in a bar sometime. If I stand in the middle of a room and yell out "Oh crap!" and shake a beer bottle around wildly three minutes before last call, will the beer fairy appear and beer me? Maybe. It's worth a shot, my friends. Maybe a shot and a beer.

On a barely related at all matter, I'm done with school for the semester. I now have exactly ten days until the mini sesh starts and my summer is extra over. Shenanigans!

Oh well. Happy summer!


lamylove said...

fairies are good.

i have a blog now too.