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I wasn't going to blog about this but a) I'm really bored and kind of out of inspiration this week, seeing as how I've had to deal very little with the ridiculous because I've been off work and school, and b) the more that I think about it the weirder it gets. So here we go.

Last night was trivia (and where the hell were you?) and this gigantic table near us had these two little girls with them, definitely no older than 10. Now, if you've never been to trivia night before (loser...) then you might not know that it runs pretty late, usually until well after 10:30, and what's more it tends to get pretty loud, rowdy, and...well, kind of R-rated. Totally fine if you're a table of 20-somethings achieving various levels of intoxication and who tend to contribute quite a lot to the adult content. But if you're in elementary school...not so much. On a school night. Not a problem for these parents, however. They put their little girls at the end of their table with a babysitter DVD player and, not kidding, EARMUFFS. Earmuffs, pink fuzzy ones, with animal faces on them. All the rage among the third graders.

Anyway. know that the whole "earmuff" thing in Old School was a joke, right? Like, it's not actually a parenting technique. So, what the hell? I mean, sure, they could have been headphones for the DVD player but it's the same thing. I get that it they were enjoying the movie and not being neglected and they were fine but still, it's just a weird thing. I am officially passing judgement: having a DVD player babysit entertain your kids in a restaurant so that you can get drunk and play a game with 12 of your closest friends is weird. Not bad, not wrong, but weird. That is all.