I've been invaded...

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As I am writing this my body has become the host to some horrid, creepy little microcreature that has taken up residence somewhere in my bloodstream. I have no idea where I picked it up (either from those crazy people at my one job or those nutty kids at my other) or how long it's planning to stick around, but I feel cruddy, I've been through my quota of Kleenex for the next year, I've coughed up more stuff than the cat, and the back of my throat is currently decorated with these interesting red and white blotches. It might be the plague.

Ok, so it's not the plague. And it's not strep - I went to the doctor (That's THREE TIMES this year. Three! And last year I only went once and it was just a check up! It's only April, jeez.) it's some virus that I don't know how to pronounce and basically it makes you feel crappy for like five days and then life goes on. And there's nothing the doctor could really give me to make it go away, she said she can just prescribe something for the pain. But on the upside: Vicodin!

But on the other downside (yes, this is, like, a pyramid or something) this has been going on since Sunday and my term paper for Modern Korea is due tomorrow (Thursday). Guess how much of the actual writing I had done on Sunday when I started feeling gross? If you said more than 20% you're off by at least 20%! So yeah, pretty much the past three days of my life have been spent alternating between frantically writing my paper while in pretty bad shape and very interesting time spent under the influence of codeine. Fabulous.

So the paper's done, although I didn't really read the whole thing over so I don't know how coherent it is, and all I want to do is sleep but I kind of can't and I have to get up tomorrow morning to drive to San Marcos and hand it in at 8:00. Shenanigans.

Germy, Virusy Kisses.