A Victim of the Texas State Bus System

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There's a lot that is annoying about my morning commute. I have to get up and drive in the dark, gas is expensive, the big trucks go too fast, and let's face it no matter how much I like school, knowing that I'm driving sixty-something miles just go to sit in an 8:00 am class doesn't exactly make my morning exciting. Maybe the most annoying thing, though, is whatever happens on the bus ride from the stadium to campus. It's only about a ten minute ride but just about every morning somebody manages to do something that just makes me go "Ugh." Here are some examples, the first four of which I witnessed this morning:

- When there is a big herd of people waiting for the bus, and then the bus pulls up, and for some reason about 4 or 5 people from the back of the herd can't stand waiting at the back of the herd and decide to push the rest of the herd aside so they can be at the front of the herd and then they'll get on the (empty) bus before the rest of the herd.

- When there is one empty seat by itself on the long bench of seats that is at the front of the bus, and then That Girl (sometimes it's a That Guy but it's almost ALWAYS a That Girl) who doesn't realize or maybe doesn't want to admit that her hiney is just a wee bit too large to fit in that seat tries to sit down anyway, effectively squishing the two people she is sitting next to/upon. This is less annoying and more entertaining when viewed from the opposite side of the bus.

- When the other kind of That Girl gets on the bus, realizes it's full, and then there's this awesome series of moments when she is outraged (remembering it's not 1958 and that no guys are going to vacate their seats for her because she is perfectly capable of standing on her own), then annoyed (because she now has to stand) then confused (because how can she stand and text at the same time?) then scared (because now the bus is moving and you pretty much can't stand and text at the same time). And I giggle.

- Someone's cell phone rings. And rings. And rings. Annnnd....rings.... And...really? Not interested in answering it? Not even a little? Going to completely ignore it instead. Very nice. Then how 'bout you put it on silent before you get out of your car. You're going to class anyway. Gah.

- The already-full bus stops to pick some people up and the first person at the front of the small herd (who probably pushed the rest of the small herd out of the way to become said person at the front of the small herd) steps on to the bus and just stands there while the rest of the people wait for them to figure out that the people who were just next to him are now behind him and are still trying to get on the bus. This is worse when it's raining or freezing cold, but it's bad anytime.

- Really loud cell phone chatter for an extended period of time. Sorry, I don't need to know about all of your classes, or what your plans are for this weekend, or which of your friends has crabs. Really, just not interested at all.

- When the bus stops to let a few people off and one of the spots on the benches at the front becomes open and some girl who had been standing up darts in front of a BLIND GUY to snatch it.

- When people use the bus to get up/down the hill from the Quad to LBJ or vice versa (not exactly a problem now since the Quad bus stop is closed but it's on here for good measure). Sorry - if Dr. Pohl can walk up the hill so can your lazy ass.

- And finally, when the bus stops at LBJ (now the only major stop on campus for the stadium bus and therefore the place where 90% of the passengers get off) and a bunch of people jump up and try to get off the bus before as many people as they possibly can. There MIGHT be a 30 second difference between the first person off the bus and the last person off the bus. Where the hell are these people going that is so important they be there 30 whole seconds faster?

Ok, end of rant, for now anyway. Have a nice day.