Easily Amused

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One of the best things about being sick at home is that you get to lay on the couch and watch daytime TV all day. When I visit my grandparents during the week I am treated to endless hours of sitting with my Papa watching "his judges" which is the parade of Judges Judy, Joe Brown, and Alex along with Divorce Court and whatever else. My grandma is in charge of the remote, she knows exactly when each "judge show" is on each channel, and she adjusts them accordingly. It's an awesome system that a couple can only achieve after sixty years of marriage.

I, however, get to watch the judges during my lunch break (or...you, know, my one o'clock break or my sitting down break or whatever) in the break room at work, so on my sick day I'm not interested. Instead, I have discovered that the Spike channel is gracious enough to show, like, five hourlong episodes of "World's Most Amazing Videos" today. It's 12:39 and since at least 10:00 am today I've been parked on the couch, the dog distracted by a giant chewy bone somewhere near my feet, and at this particular moment I am being treated to a video of a theater fire in Russia. There's dancing, an audience stampede, someone who can't work the fire extinguisher, a performer ripping down a flaming curtain, it is all very exciting. I love "World's Most Amazing Videos." And today there's no end in sight! Best sick-day TV ever.

Ok, gotta go, skydiver hanging from a plane and the plane's running out of gas. Amazing!