MORE Notes About Work...

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- YES it really is possible to wait too long to order your bridesmaids' dresses. It's happened. And sometimes there is literally not a thing in the world we can do about it - the dresses do not exist and I cannot magically make them appear for you in time for the wedding. So please, when we say order in advance, order in advance. We're not just saying that to try and get you to pay for something today. There are brides getting married with mismatched bridesmaids or even a bridesmaid or two short because they didn't place their order soon enough.

- NO, I'm not going to write a description of your dress so that you can put it in your newspaper announcement. Funny story: a girl once asked me to do that and I was REALLY in a mood that day, apparently, and so I said "Well, what does your dress look like?" And she replied "It's white, and it's kind of flowy chiffon fabric with a split front and cap sleeves with beading." So I said "Ok, do you have a pen? Write this down: The bride wore a white chiffon gown with a full skirt and cap sleeves with detailed embroidery and embellishments. How does that sound?" She thought it sounded great. Duh. If you can describe your dress to me, you can describe it to the newspaper.

- YES, everyone that works here has strong arms. Good observation. We lift giant wedding gowns all day long and we carry about six bridesmaids dresses at a time. We also have a huge tolerance for ridiculous people.

- We really really don't have extra dresses in the back. I'm sorry. Some days you might get lucky and maybe there's a bra or slip in the right size that's back in receiving that we just haven't brought out yet but you don't understand how rare that is. We're not lying to you - we don't keep backstock of all this stuff. You really do have to order it.

- Nobody told you your alterations would be free, and you're really not the first crazy person who has tried to tell me that someone did. We spend LOTS of time going over what NOT to say to people about their alterations, and we all definitely, definitely know not to tell you that you alts are free. Shut up and get out of my line.

- Yes you need an appointment. Yes you will have to wait for-freakin-ever if you don't have one. I can't say it enough: You. Need. An. Appointment. I hate you.


insomniaclolita said...

LOL I figure your work needs extra patience, something I clearly dont have.

Katie said...

Oh is David's hiring?

Also... I know they're not free, but alterations should be - everyone has to get them - those dresses are like 2 feet taller than me.

Mere said...

They're hiring now because their Customer Service Rep. just quit! NOT EVEN JOKING! Also it's not usually the people getting hems that complain about the cost, it's the girls with the giant bustles and the dress that's a half size too small. :-)

Sarah said...

Ugh. I can totally relate to all of this. You know what else is fun? Selling prom dresses.

Mere said...

HA HA oh Prom. My favorite time of the year. I loved watching the meltdowns btwn Mom and Daughter ("I'm not letting you out of my house looking like that!" "I hate you, Mom, you BITCH!") and trying to convince the less-slender teenagers to maybe wear something that makes them look less like they're wearing a sparkly sausage casing. Fantastic.