Milk Shake Target Acquired

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Last night I had some very important TV watching to do, in the form of two hours of The Biggest Loser. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans so every time the show went to commercial they'd pull this "extended commercial break" thing where the meteorologist guy would come on the screen with all his glowey monitors and gadgets and talk for endless minutes about this one skinny green and red line slashing through Central Texas. Like "Hey guys, it's gonna rain, and there's a lot of wind. Here it is, it's moving east, and let me just tell you again: it's gonna rain. There's a lot of wind. Please seek shelter immediately if you are outdoors (Really? I'm sorry, if you stay outdoors when the wind and rain pick up you deserve what's coming to you!) and let me show you again: this front is moving in to the Austin area, we're expecting very heavy rains and strong winds. It's moving east, seek shelter and stay away from outside walls and move to the first floor of your home, we are expecting very strong winds out of this front that is moving east..." I'm not freaking kidding you. This was ridiculous! And they pull this every time we have some kind of bad storm, they act like nobody knows what to do. I'm sorry, I have one word for people who stay outside in weather like that: Darwin. And really, now I know why everybody threw milk shakes at Nicolas Cage in The Weatherman. We fracking get it! You don't have to say it 20 times and interrupt our shows at every commercial break. Ugh, I hate you.

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Briana said...

Well thank goodness we canceled our cable so my shows aren't interrupted by that little weather man!! Now I just watch my shows online and the only way I know the weather is getting bad is when a mattress flying thru the air hits our house!

I love Austin!! I'm from Lampasas...heard of it? Yea, probably not!

Mere said...

I definitely know Lampasas, my husband's fam is in Liberty Hill and I've driven through on 183 PLENTY of times headed up to Lubbock. Go Badgers! Ha ha

Briana said...

LOL yea! Go Badgers! That's funny!!!! It's not too bad there!!