Dance Dance Revolution

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Have I mentioned yet that Griff and I re-joined the gym? We tricked them into giving us a family plan so it was pretty economical and we've been committed to actually going several times a week. Our favorite class is kickboxing on Thursday with Abel who will kick your ass and not be sorry, but we've gotten brave and ventured into some others. Yoga, spinning, dance. Yeah you read that right: our North Austin gym that caters mostly to middle class, middle aged, white people has a dance class on Saturday mornings. It was Griff's idea to drop by last week and as we stood there in the back with the adorable little instructor giving us the overview ("We're gonna start with the routine that our dance team does for the Austin Toros and if it's your first time don't worry you might feel a little lost but you'll pick up the choreography and then we'll move into a couple of other routines that are a little bit easier!") Griff turned to me and said "NONE OF THIS GOES IN YOUR BLOG!"

Sorry! I waited as long as I could, but this has to be said. White people in large groups = generally not the best dancers. I'm not really sure how to convey the visual, it was like trying to teach circus tricks to retarded alley cats. People were spinning the wrong way, tripping over their feet, at one point I just kind of made something up, the instructor and the two girls from the dance team were doing their thing up front and everybody else was just kind of...out of control, Griff and I were laughing (at ourselves as much as other people) and maybe only one or two of the people in that room actually had any rhythm at all. And all of this with Jennifer Lopez blasting over the speakers. Best class ever.


Rich said...

.... Just lolled

alice said...

amaazing! now i can publicly 'follow' your blog..because i have one?