Mitten Overboard

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Right so on the first day of the cruise it was ffffreezing cold. Luckily, I had remembered to bring my super cheap mittens from home! Katie forgot hers but no worries, I got two pair for 40 cents last week (yeah I'm still not over that - it's so awesome!). So I let Katie borrow a pair of mine and I put on the other pair and...yeah, at some point one of the ones she was borrowing totally jumped overboard. I don't even know what happened, just all of a sudden she says "I think I lost your mitten!" and makes a Michael Jackson comment. We never found it on the deck and nobody ever turned it in to the purser's desk. Why would anybody want one black mitten?! Unless you're planning to commit a crime and need to not leave fingerprints, but even then a mitten isn't going to do you much good, you need gloves! I know because I kind of tried to show Ben how you could still pull a trigger with a mitten on but it turns out you can't and you'll look stupid, wearing one black mitten putting on a puppet show. Also, apparently in Lithuania they don't have mittens. Good to remember, what with me being 1/4 Lithuanian and all. Katie had to describe in detail to the little Lithuanian woman at the info desk that she was missing a mitten ("It's like a glove, but with all the fingers stuck together? It kind of looks like Michigan.") and had they seen it. Turns out, they had not.

I've decided that the mitten probably chose to become debris on a Texas beach somewhere, casting itself overboard, possibly angry that it was sold for only ten cents at Target. Whatever, mitten, screw you too.


ScoMan said...

I can't even imagine trying to describe what a mitten is to someone. It would be a difficult task!