Culinary WIN!

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In case you don't remember my previous post about my culinary prowess, my history with food preparation is...bruised. When I unwrapped a very surprise and very much appreciated ice cream maker (AWESOME!) on Christmas morning, though, I decided that "cooking" ice cream isn't the same as cooking regular food. Just because I'm a lousy cook doesn't mean I will definitely suck at making ice cream right? Hmm...well, jury's still out on that one. I made chocolate chip peppermint ice cream yesterday and it was...kind of awesome, actually. It took WAY longer than expected but I think I've got my first trial-and-error list of dos and don'ts. Exciting! So thanks, Amy, for an awesome Christmas present and on a maybe-related note, I now have a bunch of lovely ice cream in my freezer, if anybody wants to come over and help eat it. :-)

Oh, P.S. Happy New Year. Cruise countdown: 4.5 days (counting today and the .5 part of Monday when we won't be on the cruise yet). FTW!


Mrs SarahB said...

Where are you guys going on a cruise?? Ryan and I are going in March for spring break!