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Want to know how to really annoy me? Like really bad? And instantly irritate me to the point that I not only don't feel like helping you but am also already building an irrational grudge against you that will make your life suck later? Insert the word "Question" before a question. Now, I get that it's hilarious when Dwight Schrute does it. Dwight gets away with a lot. In my daily life, however, SHUT UP. Know what? I'll get that you're asking me a question after you've ASKED ME THE QUESTION. Telling me in advance that you're planning to ask me a question doesn't excite me, doesn't make me pay more attention to what you're about to say, and doesn't make you less annoying. It does, in fact, have the opposite effect of all of those things. And it wastes time, and you know how much I love to do that on my own (I don't need your help!). PLUS it's gotten to where the word "question" bothers me and I'm going to add it to my Banned Words list (the verbal equivalent to fingernails on a chalkboard) with words like "turd" and "juxtaposition".

So don't piss me off. If you're gonna ask me a question just ASK the flippin QUESTION, k? Thanks. Gah.