Grown Up Girl

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This is normally the kind of thing I'd write in a journal and not in a blog for all to see but, whatever. I'll take it down if I decide I don't like it.

I know I've taken on a lot lately. What I'm really proud of, though, is that I'm handling it all very well. I think so, at leat. I'm in my last semester on campus at Texas State (still got a little work to do in the Spring unless I miraculously learn Spanish in the next two months) and I'm taking 15 hours, I went back to work and then took on a full-time position there, and have had extra odds and ends added to my workload there over the past two weeks or so, and on top of those two things I've taken on a lot in my personal life. But the cool part about it is that for the first time I feel like I am actually doing it. Like, it's a lot, but it's not too much. Have I finally learned to balance the things that I want to do with the things that I "have to" do without giving up because it's hard and/or getting overwhelmed and freaking out? I don't know. I'm cautiously optimistic that maybe I've made some kind of true step towards adulthood. Funny thing for a 24 year old married woman to say, I know.

Of course now that I've come to that realization and things have kind of calmed down in the "doing stuff" department there's this big place where a lot of emotional things are coming up lately. Ugh! Baby steps, I guess. :-)