The Office Marathon

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YUP. So there is now exactly ONE WEEK remaining until The Office returns!! Yessss! About a week and a half(ish) ago, I decided to re-watch the entire series before the Big Fifth Season starts on the 25th. So far, so good! Except who knew that OMG four seasons of this show is still a LOT of tape (awesome tape, but still...) and time. Currently, I am watching "Beach Games". If you don't know, that's on the last disc of season three. So starting probably tomorrow and then going on through the weekend (Mon/Wed next week are totally out for TV watching, damn school!) it's SEASON FOUR MARATHON!! You should totally come watch. Long live Jim and Pan! :-)

"I would rather work for an upturned broom with a bucket for a head than work for somebody else in this office besides myself. Game on!" - Aw, <3 Stanley!