Good Show, Amazon!

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K so I finally broke down and bought ALL of my books for this semester. Sickening. You know it's bad when the book you need is more expensive from the independent sellers on than it is directly from Amazon or the bookstore. Ugh! Environmental Hazards: No longer my favorite class! Oh I can't stay mad at you (Um have I also mentioned that I'm sick and have ingested a large quantity of cold medicine in the last 36 hours?). Anyway, you know you've spent WAY too much on books and that you have been in school too long and you are maybe also a giant history nerd when two of the three "Recommended For You!" books that pop up after you order something from Amazon are actually already sitting on your bookshelf at home. "The English Heritage" and "Voices of the American Past". Ah yes - be jealous, I know you wish that they were in your collection.

The upside of all of this nonsense is that A) I spent less than $200 on actual textbooks and another $20 on course materials (Dr. C. makes us get lecture notes from the bookstore b/c he's concerned that his Frenchness will make him hard to understand. Gotta love him!) and also B) I will soon be receiving tons and tons of mail. And it'll be good mail, too. What's in this giant box? Is it "A History of Environmentalism In The United States"? Maybe "International Disaster Management"? "Border Radio"? I can't wait! Ugh, gotta get off the cold meds.

I'll probably delete this post in the morning, this is just embarrassing. Good night.