They're Hard To Hate.

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So Katie's been after me for a few weeks now to write my Stupid and Trashy blog. The truth is, I have these classmates who I refer to as Stupid and Trashy because those are the adjectives that I felt (and sometimes still do feel) best describe these two people, but they've actually grown on me to the point where they've become hard to complain about. Especially Trashy who, it turns out, just operates by putting 100% of herself out in the open - her judgements, feelings, opinions, the works. So while it seemed trashy in the beginning to just hear hypocritical statement after hypocritical statement while she and Stupid had conversations that included the statements "I don't think women should be president - I'm a woman and I know how emotional we can be." and then called me a feminist(!) for saying that I've seen more men than women get into bar fights over stupid things and that women are perfectly capable leaders. Yes, that day was ridiculous and it was, in fact, the day that they were anointed Stupid and Trashy. But still. Even a fungus will grow on you if the conditions are right. The truth is that Stupid and Trashy have become the lesser of all the evils of Anatomy and Physiology class. For one, they're HILARIOUS and for the other...I'd take Stupid and/or Trashy of Obnoxious, "I Don't Get It", "I Have A Story", and "I Have A Better Story Than She Does", which are all other people in my class. That's where the real bitterness lies, and THAT, my friends, is where the real meat is, and it will have to wait until tomorrow. That's right, you finally got your Stupid and Trashy blog but...yeah I know it was disappointing. :-) I have to leave you wanting or you'll quit reading my blog! You...two people who read my blog. ;-) Have a nice day!


Katie said...

hah, as long as I get a blog about SOMEONE I'm good. I don't blame you for changing your mind - in fact that's what I love about you :)