Girl's Night

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So here's a perfect storm of awesome: what do you get when you have no plans, your class is cancelled the next day, and your husband is having a guys' night with beer and guitars? GIRL'S NIGHT. I can't even say how much I've kind of needed a night like this. Nothing to study, just me and a glass of wine (I even locked the dog out of the bedroom!) and in a few minutes the DVD of my choice. I love it. Also I just got out of the shower so I'm nice and warm and clean and that's an added bonus and maybe a little too much information.

AND my A&P prof is my hero right now b/c he cancelled class tomorrow and I wasn't gonna be there anyway because Miss Amanda Engman is graduating, that's right, GRADUATING(!) from Texas State tomorrow! Way to go, Eng, I'm so proud of you!! Good show. :-)