Um, Ow?

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So I'm in desperate need of an emergency yoga class. Seriously, this is ridiculous! Wednesday night we went to trivia (which we WON by the way because we're the awesomest team ever) and I'm sitting there all happy and kind of crunched at the table between Dale and Andrew and all of a sudden Dale goes "Oh my God!" and I turn to look at what he's looking at and my BFF Amanda is standing behind me! I was completely shocked and when I attempted to do the requesite "surprise best friend dance and squeal" in that position, the muscle in my neck that connects the left side of the top of my neck to my head (Does that make sense? Katie, little help?) cramped up like a mofo. It was amazing! That's never actually happened to me before. Oh, and it hurt. Like quite a bit.

So anyway it stayed crunched for a few min and then it loosened up but still hurt pretty bad and so today the whole side of my neck is pretty sore and feels almost bruised AND since it's pretty tight I have a pretty bad headache. :-( Random pain = not good. And now you get to read about me complain about this. And this is why nobody reads my blog. ;-)


Katie said...

sternocleiodomastoid muscle - yes, I get those too - they hurt like a mofo and I always think I'm having an anurysm or something!

Mere said...

Did you just know that or did you Wiki it? Sorry I just can't imagine that Eric is actually THAT good of a teacher. ;-)