The Evolution of Mere

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Ha, I randomly stumbled across my Xanga site. That's TWO blogs ago, mis amigos! It was really funny to read what was going on for me back then (like 2005). It's at and then there was, of course, the Myspace which has kind of been revived lately. ;-) This is still my go-to blog though. Anyway, I just think it's interesting how a person grows and changes and how it's all documented there on the internet. All the things that are different about my life now than they were three our four years ago. Everything that's happened, people who have come and gone, things I've learned or changed. Can you imagine if we had to go back to an oral tradition (there's a "That's what she said" joke somewhere in there but I'll let you work it out) and couldn't write things down? Hell, I've lost half of the pen-and-paper journals I've ever owned. To have things documented in one place is just kind of unique to our generation and it's actually pretty cool.

Anyway. Just wanted to share because, you's my blog, dammit.