Dissection Bingo

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So you can go right ahead and add "Sheep Brain" to the list of animals/animal parts that I've dissected. For someone with zero intention of entering any field at all having to do with biology it's a fairly lengthy list, especially given how much I love animals and find taking them apart distasteful. Frog, fetal pig, squid, shark...there have been others. I have thus far avoided the "cat" bullet and I honestly don't intend to ever do that. But anyway. Yes. Today, I woke up, got dressed, went to Wal-Mart (needed safety glasses in case the brain, like, squirted something at me), took my lecture exam (No comment. Except to say it didn't go well.), went to lab and took apart a sheep's brain. Weird day.

And then my prof guy Eric was like "Ok so we're done for now, put your brains in a bag and name it so you can find it later" and one of my lab partners hands it to me and is like "Here, Meredith, you can name it." What the F do you name a sheep brain? I mean really. So naturally I had to be inappropriate and I named it Fluffy. Complete with little hearts. So we can find it later.

And also it's Michelle's and Madee's birthday!! Aww yay. So I have a practical tomorrow and I'll be the loser reviewing bones and muscles at the table tonight while everyone else is eating. Oh the joyful joys of summer school. :-)


Katie said...

No mention of weirdo me coming to dissect for "fun"? :)

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