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Note to marketing people: having an employee stand in front of your store holding a sign and waving at me is not going to make me buy from you. It's creepy, and it isn't attractive to me as a consumer to see that your position on the comfort and safety of your employees is "indifferent" and your take on advertising is "I'm paying this guy $5.25 an hour - let's print one sign and just have him hold it up." Not that I'm advocating junk mail. I'm just advocating junk mail over sending some kid outside (especially if there's a costume involved) to stand miserably by the side of the road in the hot Texas heat, listening to his iPod and trying to hide under his sign for shade. It's wrong, it's mean, and it's weird. And it's cheap, which maybe annoys me the most. AND it doesn't work - I've seen that one guy at the apartment locating place in San Marcos dancing his ass off for hours (a rare exception, this guy actually seems to enjoy himself, dancing to his iPod and waving hysterically) and for weeks I thought he worked for a tanning salon. But then one day as I was driving down the busy street trying not to hit people that DANCE IN PLACE TOO CLOSE TO THE ROAD, I noticed, "Oh, Weird Dancing Guy's sign says something about apartment locating, not tanning." Point is, it's been months and I still don't know what apartment locator he works for, nor do I care.

And while I'm at it, if you're thinking about running for student government next year please maintain your dignity and contain yourself from begging for votes when I walk past you in the Quad. I don't care how many breakfast tacos you prostitute yourself with, I am not voting for you because you are an effing sell-out. If an actual politician (like, a real one, not some guy who wants to replace "got fraternity banned from campus" with something along the lines of "student representative" or whatever) set up in the Quad and used breakfast food to beg for votes I hope that they would lose all credibility in your eyes.

Also, to my friends in graduate school, if you've ever thought of joining student government before the representative for the College of Applied Arts got 100% of the vote...with only one ballot cast. So, yeah, just a thought, but it might be worth it to grab a ballot and write your name down next time.