I make the most awesome mistakes.

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You wish you were me when you make a mistake. Last time (name withheld to protect the defendant) screwed up and got a ride in a cop car it did not turn out so well. Me, however? Dale and I run out of gas on 183 at 11:50 on a Saturday night, somehow manage to get the car off the highway (awesome) and then down onto the access road without impeding traffic at all. And then Luis (Louis?) the Awesome Cop shows up. He gives us a ride to not one but TWO gas stations and was pretty much a fantastic guy. This totally makes up for the two tickets that APD has given me in the past two years. The story ends with me and Dale making it home safely and really only about 20 min later than we would have if we had, I don't know, had enough gas to get home in the first place. Bottom line? Ride in a cop car without being handcuffed or otherwise in trouble? AWESOME.

Also, Smallville is officially on my Sucky TV List (stay tuned - I'll post it one of these days!). Really, CW? Really?