Weird Timing

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I have no idea what's going on with the universe, but it's like it knows that I have this massive flipping Texas history paper to write and it's doing everything it can to get in my way. And every time I sit down to write something the things that come up get progressively more ridiculous. Examples: Texas was in the CWS. CWS went to three games. There was a marching band parade on campus. Sistery's car got broken in to. There was a pool party 20 feet from every single window in my house. I wanted a pina colada. I had, like, three pina coladas and now I'm writing a blog entry. Seriously, life, this is getting silly. I'm expecting the coyote to show up any minute with his "ACME" textbook, which he'll lend to me, which will then explode in my face. It wouldn't be the first time I've been the coyote, that's for sure.

Anyway - I'm a little more than halfway through at this point and hoping to be completely done by Monday (which in Mere years is about Wednesday). It's due at 10:00 am on Thursday so between the random parades of band camp kids and people alternating the Beach Boys and Michael Jackson over the loudspeaker at the pool, I will have to find some way to discuss The Young Adult Experience In Texas, 1947-1967. Oh, em gee. And yes, my eyes just crossed too.

August 14 can't come soon enough! Plus, as I told Kt earlier this week, I miss regular me and am ready to be rid of this bitchy stranger (that would be "school Mere"). Blerg.


Camden said...

Also weird timing is that American Way Magazine just had an article about Billy Mays in last week's issue. The last line of the subhead reads "What's next for this one-man brand?" I guess we all know now...