A Mile In My (Painful) Shoes

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Reason #2344 Why Bridal Was Not For Me: The Footwear.

Yesterday and this morning I had things going on that required me to dress slightly more nicely than usual. No big deal, but even though it's getting warmer outside I am the whitest Hawaiian person you've ever seen, especially now that Lamy just got back from Key West, so my "business" attire still includes full-length slacks instead of a skirt. I'd sure hate to blind anyone with my white legs. Unfortunately, I'm 5'4" and too lazy/cheap to hem my slacks or have someone else hem them for me, so I have to cheat and wear reasonably tall heels. Now, when I worked at the bridal shop I dressed up every day - skirts, slacks, dresses, heels, all of it - and the only time my feet actually felt like they were going to kill me was at the end of very, very long Saturdays when I'd been literally running in heels for about ten hours. Those were the days when I'd take lunch on my feet (if I got lunch at all) because if I sat down the first fifteen minutes after I stood back up would be agonizing and not at all worth it. So while I don't miss having to add 3+ inches to my height every day, it very rarely bothered me back then (you know, two months ago).

Apparently, my feet are very happy with our new arrangement where we pretty much exist together in a sandals-and-flats kind of world, because they are OUCH. I wore the same pair of surprisingly comfy Aldo wedges for the past two days. These are the shoes that I wore to work more than half the time not that long ago. I didn't even really have to break them in - I just bought them one day and wore them a full day at work the next. They were amazing! But currently, my toes hurt, my arches ache, and my calves have even joined in the protest. WTF?! I guess the lesson here is that quitting that awful job = good for more than just my heart.


Katie said...

Ouch! I hate wearing heels. Big disappointment to my boyfriend, but my feet are very pleased! :)