Deus Rex Machina

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What's better than watching one of your favorite movies in a real theater with popcorn, two beers, and an extra sugary dessert? Watching it while it's actually ok to make fun of it out loud. Bonus points: Three guys with a microphone getting paid to make fun of it, and nine awesome, lovely, wonderful friends to share it with. This, if you aren't familiar with frakkin awesome Austin, is the Master Pancake Theater, presented by the delightful (I'm really into the adjectives today, it must be the wine) Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and it's freakin amazing and hilarious and so much fun. So last night a whole slew of us went to see them mock Jurassic Park, which is on my list of top five favorite movies ever (you can suck it if you disagree). I've always really loved velociraptors, but it turns out that what I love even more is velociraptors with British accents. And since they "pancake" the movie they cut out a whole bunch of crap that wasn't interesting and hard to make fun of. Plus we got to yell "Zing!" at all of Jeff Goldblum's "hilarious" one-liners and "Hello, Newman." at everyone's favorite TV mailman/movie computer guy (Uh uh uh! You didn't say the magic word!). But who were those drunken jackasses yelling "Hello, Newman" when the T-Rex showed up? Ohhh right. This guy. And her nine awesome, lovely, wonderful friends.

Thanks for a kick ass night, everybody. In two weeks it's Lord Of The Rings. Can't miss that one! The first three and a half hours of that crazy-long trilogy in less than two hours: the way it was meant to be seen!


Kandi said...

sounds like my kind of party!!!