Episode Three: The Kitchen Strikes Back

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How To Be Awesome #434: Put out a kitchen fire.

That's right, remember when I told you all those things about how my appliances are trying to kill/maim me? They went for the throat last week. I was hanging out in the living room with the Pug when I smelled something burning. I was kind of a weird kid back in the day so I'm familiar (or was back then at least) with the smell of melting plastic (I don't have to explain to you!). Anyway - I start wandering around in search of said melting plastic smell when I realize it's coming from the dishwasher. CRAP! It was on the "auto dry" setting or whatever where it heats up and dries your dishes for you so I grabbed the fire extinguisher which is inconveniently located in the sink, on the other side of the potential fire. Suck! I spent WAY too long examining the fire extinguisher trying to figure it out, making sure I knew which pin to pull, how to actually fire the thing, and which direction to point it in. Yeah that's right, I have total faith in the idea that my dishwasher can contain a fire for as long as it takes me to figure out the frickin fire extinguisher, what up? Anyway, I eventually opened the dishwasher and sure enough, there was a plastic lid to one of those Tupperware containers, burning away down at the bottom of the dishwasher, making all my stuff smell like gross burning plastic. It was totally not worthy of the fire extinguisher so I just grabbed a nearby cup of water and tossed it down in the bottom of the dishwasher. BOO! And then the apartment smelled like melted plastic for about four hours. But I'm a firefighter now and it's awesome.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar thing with a wooden spoon at the bottom of the dishwasher a few months ago. The apartment stank and everything in the dishwasher had to be washed a couple of times to get the burnt wood 'taint' off it. Not good. Also I was out when it was burning so I didn’t get take the heroic high road and put anything out, just deal with the bad smell. Bum deal.

- kimmy - said...

nice :]

this reminds me of the time my fried preheated her oven without removing the tupperware stuff inside. they ended up melting all over inside the oven... and she couldn't use it anymore for fear of the plastic fumes or something.