Had It.

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I'm done. OMG this whole day...it's just been kind of horrible. For starters, I'm really conflicted over a decision I made recently (about work) and it's bothering me to the point where I was literally up all night thinking about it. I could not get it out of my mind! FINALLY around 4:00 am I managed to doze off for an hour and a half of shuteye, and then came 5:30, the alarm went off and it was time to start another day. Grr! Not only that but I didn't have time to pack my lunch this morning so I was at school all day with nothing but a bottle of water. Sucky. So I took the bus there at like 6:30, went to all five of my classes, and I was on the bus home when I got a phone call from Dale at 4:00 pm. Apparently some genius had parked in Dale's parking spot so he parked (MY car) in an unassigned spot on one of the upper floors of the garage, e-mailed all of the required people, and there should have been no issue. Towing company fail! They took it upon themselves to patrol more of the garage than is in their contract and they straight up took my car because it was in a spot that it wasn't assigned to. Again, I will point out that this is not their job and is absolutely not at all legal within the parameters of the contract that the towing company has with the Castilian. The only reason for them to take anything off of that floor is if someone with the Castilian calls and requests that the car be towed, which nobody did because a) they know that's our car and that Dale uses it to get to work, and b) Dale went out of his way to let them know what was up. SO. It's 90-something degrees, I'm wearing jeans, I haven't slept but ninety minutes and I haven't eaten all day, and now I have to walk from Waterloo Park (15th and Trinity) to the Castilian (24th and San Antonio). Granted, it's not the worst walk in the world, but given the other circumstances and the fact that my car was pretty much stolen put quite the damper on my afternoon.

On the phone, Dale told me that the towing company had offered to pay for a cab to pick us up from the Castilian and take us to get the car. Let me also point out that the towing company is located WAY OUT in BFE east Austin and it was getting to be rush hour as the day went on. Flat out not a win for me. I told Dale that they were going to bring it back on their own and that it was to be back at the Castilian by 5:00 pm or I was reporting it stolen. People have had issues with this company being dishonest before and I was exhausted and not at all in the mood to play games. For once, I beat a towing company (it feels damn good, actually). Dale passed along my message and they unloaded my car in front of the building at 5:00 pm on the dot. Next time I'll make them put it back where they found it.


lamylove said...

i despise the castillian car towers (not towers like buildings...)

love you sister sister!
(i just started singing the theme song to that in my head! ha!)