Oh John Mayer. Put yer shirt back on.

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"I want you to know it's all about the music. It's always been about the music."

Umm...then why, John Mayer, are you preaching instead of playing music? Rule number one of impressing me is always show me don't tell me, because the number one sign of fakeness is being all mouth. So anyway, you might know that I was at the Brett Dennan/Colbie Caillat/John Mayer concert in Dallas with Katie last weekend, and those of you who received my text messages know that I was dismayed and offended by JM's horrendous cover of "Free Fallin'". And when I say offended I mean that was, like, my fave song when I was a kid and nobody can do it like Tom Petty so...don't even try. And also he did a Stevie Ray Vaughan cover. I'm sorry, it just seems like when you've got tons of hits and literally hours of your own music that you could be performing it's a bit arrogant to sing someone ELSE'S music at your show. Sure, if you feel so compelled, play a cover - ONE cover - but not three, unless they're really awesome. Which, BTW, they weren't. So John Mayer? Officially tool-riffic.

Also Perez got a hold of some pics from his Dallas show and called him gay. Thanks to Moose (A victim of my angry texting!) for passing that info along. Love you!