My Friends Are Smart Asses.

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So I drove to Belton today to come see my grandma and because we're going to Arlington tomorrow to see my great aunt Pat (it's her 82nd birthday!) and there was some CRAZY FREAKY weather on the way up here! Like, we're talking this massive electric storm with tons of cloud-to-ground white and blue lighting all over the place and thunder that was shaking my car and about halfway through it the rain started coming down in buckets like God decided to water his lawn today and his sprinkler was stuck on the "SUPER HIGH" setting. Really, really kind of scary.

So after actually SEEING lightning hit some stuff, I got a little freaked out: what do you do when lightning hits your car? I remember that it's ok because the rubber tires ground your car so you're safe inside, but wasn't there something else? Like don't turn your car off/on, don't open the door, don't touch the steering wheel, don't sneeze, SOMETHING else?? What was it?! Eek, I don't remember! And, not wanting to get my stuff shocked (I have an uncle who was once struck by lightning. He lived and is supposedly none the worse for wear but I don't want to join that club!) I grabbed my phone which was going in and out of service throughout the whole thing, and texted some of the people I thought might be helpful in such a situation. HERE is what my darling friends wrote back:

ME: What do you do if your car gets hit by lightning?
KATIE: Electric car? :!)
DALE: Don't know. I think panic would be good!
BEN: Die?
BEN: Play the lottery?
BEN: Find Jesus?

You are all absolutely UNHELPFUL!! The only helpful person was Andrew who correctly told me to STAY IN MY CAR if it got lit up. And then eventually (after I got to Belton and was safely inside the house) Dale called to tell me that not only do you stay in the car you also apparently have to open the door and then bunny-hop out of it so that you don't touch the car and the ground at the same time which will apparently shock your stuff. So thanks Andrew for taking care of your friend('s wife, LOL) and also I guess Ben for making sure I didn't get out of my car with an umbrella. Blar.


Katie said...

Ok, to be fair, I mis-read that and thought it was "what do you GET when your car gets struck by lightning?" So I thought it was a joke...but yeah, I wouldn't have had an answer for you anyway :(

Mere said...

LOL that does kind of make it better. :-) It was actually pretty great, I went from being pretty sure I was going to die horribly to laughing out loud reading y'alls' texts. You helped!